Hartnäckige Flecken auf dem Obermaterial deiner Schuhe und zusätzlich auch noch nasse Füße?

Dieses Szenario gehört dank Shoe Shield Rapid der Vergangenheit an. Der schützende Imprägnierspray der schwedischen Brand Shoe Shame™ kann auf allen denkbaren Materialien angewendet werden. 

Ein verlässlicher Begleiter ist der schnelltrocknende Spray in der praktischen 200 Milliliter-Sprühdose, denn Schmutz und Wasser bleiben nach der Anwendung tatsächlich draußen. Aufsprühen, trocknen lassen und los!


Ganz nach dem Motto: "Finally a product to judge by its cover. The package is equally handsome as your shoes will be after using this one. And it is protective, of course."

Shoe Shame - Shoe Shield Rapid

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  • Nothing (yes, nothing) saddens us quite like dirty, smelly sneakers. Our obsession goes way beyond design and looks. We’re experts in shoe care and all facets of shoes – construction, functionality, varieties of leather, synthetic materials, technical specs. We are Shoe Shame.



    Sneakers are both progressive and traditional at the same time, and have a rich (yet short) history from sports to culture to fashion. Whether it’s wearing Vans Old Skool when skateboarding or having the latest chunky sneakers as a fashion statement.

    As more people wearing sneakers the lack of knowing how to care for them is a problem. 9 out of 10 people do actually care, but don’t have the knowledge.

    We at Shoe Shame want to be everyone’s little helper, with friendly reminders on how to get your new habit in place. The habit of actually including “sneaker care” into your daily routine, almost like brushing your teeth. We think caring for your sneakers from day one is better for your shoes, your wallet and the environment.