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SCS Vösendorf, Lower Austria

part time 18 to 35h/week

Über uns

We believe in a European value system that is characterised by individual freedom, mutual consideration and respectful togetherness. That's why we want to inspire men to embrace the New Man's lifestyle and be their best selves every day. Following the example of the role model Rob Maartens, we take good care of ourselves, are solid in our individual roles and draw from this the energy to be there for others as well.
Therefore, we run sophisticated male fashion and lifestyle stores with a focus on outstanding accessories. We treat our customers like friends and emphasise personality and individuality.


Your tasks:
• You encourage men to live the New Man’s Lifestyle.
• You act as a brand representative reflective of the company values.
• You contribute to driving sales through providing service to customers friendly and authentic.
• You initiate conversations, share advice and product knowledge to interact with the costumer in a personalized way, because you care.
• You develop and maintain relationships with customers through a friendly attitude and excellent customer service. You make our customers want to become Vriends.
• You use our Professional’s Program to be well-informed on company priorities and promotions in-store and online.
• You maintain Rob Maartens’ operational standards while keeping focus on the customer.

What’s in for you:
• You become part of a young team, excited to shape the company’s future.
• Learn everything you need to know in order to accomplish your tasks in our Rob Maartens Professional’s Program.
• You get an employee discount that is valid for Rob Maartens and the whole Hhismark Group.
• Benefit from team bonuses that a team can regularly achieve.
• Your gross salary is at least EUR 1.945,- (38,5h/week acc. to “KV Handel 2023”, Level C1,1)


  • You are an extrovert. You love working with people and doing good for others.

  • You love smart casual fashion and always leave the house well-dressed. You meet company standards for appearance, performance, knowledge and personal grooming.

  • You are adaptable and willing to learn. You’re also flexible to change and open to trying new ways of doing things.

  • You are an optimist, you love taking chances.

  • Your friends value you for sharing your ideas and jumping in to support the needs of others.

  • You are able to communicate in German or English effectively and you are willing to address our Austrian customers also in English.

Jetzt bewerben

Du übst Deinen Beruf mit Freude und Leidenschaft aus und arbeitest gerne in einem dynamischen Team? Wenn Du zudem ein hohes Maß an Kunden- und Serviceorientierung mitbringst, freuen wir uns auf Deine ausführlichen Bewerbungsunterlagen (inklusive Referenzen und Zeugnissen) an: !

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